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Wichita Professional Athlete of the Year

The Wichita Professional Athlete of the Year Award is presented annually to the top Wichita Professional athlete from the Greater Wichita Area. Area sports organizations and media outlets are encouraged to submit one (1) nominee from their organization or area for review. After a thorough evaluation of the nominees, the awards ceremony committee will forward a list of finalists to the selection committee who shall then select the winner.

2023 Spencer Steer, Wichita Wind Surge

2022 Simeon Woods-Richardson, Wichita Wind Surge

2021 Anthony Beauregard, Wichita Thunder

2020 Not awarded due to COVID-19

2019 Steve Iacobellis, Wichita Thunder

2018 Ralph Cuddemi, Wichita Thunder

2017 TJ Mittelstaedt, Wichita Wingnuts

2016 Clarence Anderson, Wichita Force

2015 Brent Clevlen, Wichita Wingnuts

2014 C.J. Ziegler, Wichita Wingnuts

2013 Matt Moss, Wichita Wild

2012 Matt Summers, Wichita Thunder

2011 Ryan Patterson, Wichita Wingnuts

2010 Darius Fudge, Wichita Wild

2009 Kevin Hooper, Wichita Wingnuts

2008 Travis Clayton, Wichita Thunder

2007 Alex Gordon, Wichita Wranglers

2006 Joe Blaznek, Wichita Thunder

2005 Jason Duda, Wichita Thunder

2004 Jimmy Gobble, Wichita Wranglers

2003 Michael Dritlein, Wichita Stealth

2002 Brandon Berger, Wichita Wranglers

2001 Chris George, Wichita Wranglers

2000 Travis Clayton, Wichita Thunder

1999 Carlos Febles, Wichita Wranglers

1998 Eddie Henderson, Wichita Wings

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