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Greater Wichita Sports Banquet

The annual ceremony recognizes the achievements and dedication of local youth, high school, college and professional athletes and coaches. Each year, Wichita area athletes are awarded for outstanding performances in basketball, football, volleyball, track & field, baseball, and more.

The 24th Annual Greater Wichita Sports Banquet will be held on Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at the Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview. Buster Posey will be our special guest for the evening.

Ticket Information for the 2022 Greater Wichita Sports Banquet

Images from 2021 can be found on our facebook page.

2021 Award Finalists Announced 6-4-21

2021 Additional Honorees Announced 6-9-21

Congratulations to the 2021 Winners!

  • Lynette Woodard High School Female Athlete of the Year: Kylee Scheer, Cheney High School
  • Barry Sanders High School Male Athlete of the Year: Jack Johnson, Andover High School
  • Junior College Female Athlete of the Year: Madi Young, Butler Community College
  • Junior College Male Athlete of the Year: Dalen Ridgnal, Cowley College
  • College Female Athlete of the Year: Madison Perrigan, Wichita State University
  • College Male Athlete of the Year: Kameron Frame, Newman University
  • High School Girls Coach of the Year – Rod Scheer, Cheney Girls Basketball
  • High School Boys Coach of the Year – Chris Grill, Maize Boys Basketball
  • Gene Stephenson Coach of the Year – Drew Dallas, Hutchinson Community College Football
  • Professional Athlete of the Year – Anthony Beauregard, Wichita Thunder
  • Buster Posey National Collegiate Catcher of the Year: Matheu Nelson, Florida State University

Past Wichita Sports Award Winners

  • Barry Sanders High School Male Athlete of the Year

    2021 Jack Johnson, Andover High School

    2019 Deron Dudley, Wichita South High School

    2018 Hunter O’Toole, Arkansas City

    2017 Matt Pile, Eisenhower

    2016 Creighton Sanders, Wichita Heights

    2015 Denzel Goolsby, Bishop Carroll

    2014 Ryan Schadler, Hesston

    2013 Connor Frankamp, Wichita North

    2012 Perry Ellis, Wichita Heights

    2011 Evan Wessel, Wichita Heights

    2010 Joseph Randle, Wichita Southeast

    2009 Matt Byers, Wichita East

    2008 Jordan Cyphers, Wichita Southeast

    2007 Zackary Steffen, Bishop Carroll

    2006 Harrison Dreiling, Augusta

    2005 Andrew Armagost, Andover Central

    2004 Paul Eck, Andale

    2003 Trent Barney, Maize

    2002 Blake Seiler, Bishop Carroll

    2001 Joe Rheem, Wichita Collegiate

    2000 Marcus Johnson, Andover

    1999 Rashad Washington, Wichita Southeast

    1998 Craig Steven, Bishop Carroll

  • Lynette Woodard High School Female Athlete of the Year

    2021 Kylee Scheer, Cheney High School

    2019 Kennedy Brown, Derby High School

    2018 Taylor Robertson, McPherson

    2017 Jewell Bolden, Andover Central

    2016 Amanda Kakoulias, Andover Central

    2015 Kieryn Swenson, Maize

    2014 Bryna Vogel, Clearwater

    2013 Evan Stamp, Andover Central

    2012 McKenzie Hartzog, Maize

    2011 Sarah Balderas, Bishop Carroll

    2010 Tricia Vogel, Clearwater

    2009 Joanna McFarland, Derby

    2008 Bailey Gee, Andover Central

    2007 Rebekah Mills, Circle

    2006 Janae Voelker, Newton

    2005 Julie Cook, Kapaun Mt. Carmel

    2004 Kyrie Kinder, Circle

    2003 Liz Kramer, Maize

    2002 Jessica McFarland, Derby

    2001 Christi Lehman, Hesston

    2000 Laurie Koehn, Moundridge

    1999 Morgan O’Hara, Wichita Northwest

    1998 Kristen Cheney, Bishop Carroll

  • College Male Athlete of the Year

    2021 Kameron Frame, Newman University

    2019 Aaron True, Wichita State University

    2018 Noel Torres, Newman University

    2017 Hunter Veith, Wichita State

    2016 Ron Baker, Wichita State

    2015 Tekele Cotton, Wichita State

    2014 Cleanthony Early, Wichita State

    2013 Malcom Armstead, Wichita State

    2012 Garrett Stutz, Wichita State

    2011 Graham Hatch, Wichita State

    2010 Derek Hartnell, Newman University

    2009 Ramon Clemente, Wichita State

    2008 P.J. Couisnard, Wichita State

    2007 Austin Panter, Butler CC

    2006 Paul Miller, Wichita State

    2005 Zac Taylor, Butler CC

    2004 Drew Moffitt, Wichita State

    2003 Brad Goertz, Newman University

    2002 Toby Lee, Friends University

    2001 Stan Dohm, Newman University

    2000 Rudi Johnson, Butler CC

    1999 Kevin Hooper, Wichita State

    1998 Jeff Ryan, Wichita State

  • College Female Athlete of the Year

    2021 Madison Perrigan, Wichita State University

    2019 Rebekah Topham, Wichita State University

    2018 Chelsea Baker, Friends University

    2017 Chelsea Baker, Friends University

    2016 Cacy Williams, Wichita State

    2015 Alex Harden, Wichita State

    2014 Chelsey Feekin, Wichita State

    2013 Aliphine Bolton, Wichita State

    2012 Audacia Moore, Wichita State

    2011 Tonya Nero, Wichita State

    2010 Emily Stockman, Wichita State

    2009 Jacey Judent, Cowley College

    2008 Sara Lungren, Wichita State

    2007 Madina Rakhim, Wichita State

    2006 Desiraye Osburn, Wichita State

    2005 Sara Younes, Wichita State

    2004 Angela Buckner, Wichita State

    2003 Tina Lewis, Wichita State

    2002 Jennifer Kaczka, Wichita State

    2001 Lindsey Davis, Cowley College

    2000 Mellanee Welty, Wichita State

    1999 Dawn Horn, Wichita State

    1998 Katie Panek, Wichita State

  • Junior College Male Athlete of the Year

    2021 Dalen Ridgnal, Cowley College

    2019 Tavarius Wright, Butler Community College

    2018 Jake Hawker, Cowley College

    2017 Shakur Juiston, Hutchinson

    2016 Brylie Ware, Neosho County

    2015 Garrett Benge, Cowley College

  • Junior College Female Athlete of the Year

    2021 Madi Young, Butler Community College

    2019 Milica Kusmuk, Cowley College

    2018 Kenzie Young, Butler CC

    2017 Brynn Minor, Butler CC

    2016 Brynn Minor, Butler CC

    2015 Madison Wedekind, Butler CC

  • Wichita Professional Athlete of the Year

    2021 Anthony Beauregard, Wichita Thunder

    2019 Steve Iacobellis, Wichita Thunder

    2018 Ralph Cuddemi, Wichita Thunder

    2017 TJ Mittelstaedt, Wichita Wingnuts

    2016 Clarence Anderson, Wichita Force

    2015 Brent Clevlen, Wichita Wingnuts

    2014 C.J. Ziegler, Wichita Wingnuts

    2013 Matt Moss, Wichita Wild

    2012 Matt Summers, Wichita Thunder

    2011 Ryan Patterson, Wichita Wingnuts

    2010 Darius Fudge, Wichita Wild

    2009 Kevin Hooper, Wichita Wingnuts

    2008 Travis Clayton, Wichita Thunder

    2007 Alex Gordon, Wichita Wranglers

    2006 Joe Blaznek, Wichita Thunder

    2005 Jason Duda, Wichita Thunder

    2004 Jimmy Gobble, Wichita Wranglers

    2003 Michael Dritlein, Wichita Stealth

    2002 Brandon Berger, Wichita Wranglers

    2001 Chris George, Wichita Wranglers

    2000 Travis Clayton, Wichita Thunder

    1999 Carlos Febles, Wichita Wranglers

    1998 Eddie Henderson, Wichita Wings

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