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Traffic Control

This is a traffic controlled course. The Wichita Police Department will be manning all major intersections, and volunteers will be in the neighborhoods. In many areas, only one side of the road will be blocked off for a running lane. Please make sure you are running on the correct side of the cones to avoid serious injury.

Although we make every attempt to stop traffic for runners, there is always the possibility that a driver will not obey the barricades or volunteer commands. For this reason, please be alert to your surroundings at all times. We also highly recommend that you do not run with headphones as they may distract you from observing your surroundings.

A limited number of streets will be closed, while others are traffic controlled when runners are not in the area. Please watch for runners as you back out of your driveway if you live on the route. Delays of up to an hour can be experienced along the route as runners make their way along the course.

See our course maps to ensure you plan accordingly!

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