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Electronic Timing

The Prairie Fire Marathon Race Series will be electronically chip timed to ensure that everyone receives an accurate time. Age group awards will be based on a timing system time (the actual time elapsed between an athlete reaching the starting line and the finish line).

finishers’ medal

All participants crossing the finish line will receive a finisher’s medal!


Category Awards

Awards will be presented in the Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K.

Overall event winners in male, female, master, and non-binary categories are excluded from age group awards. Participants cannot win multiple awards.

Prize Money Eligibility

We’re excited to once again offer prize money for the Prairie Fire fall races!  Places are based on gun time. Participants placing in the overall top three and also placing in the Age Graded Masters division (Age 40 and over) will receive the greater of the two cash amounts and the other position will be given to the next runner. Prizes will be paid only after results are declared final by Prairie Fire Race authorities and after administrative processing. Any person winning prize money must provide a US address for the mailing of the prize and any related documents. They also must ensure their US address is kept current with Prairie Fire Race staff.

In addition, if prize money paid is $600 or more, runners must provide a properly completed and signed most current version of IRS Form W-9 (available on the IRS web site) If any information on the form changes before the end of the year during which it is submitted, a new form with updated information must be submitted immediately. Failure to provide properly completed forms and a valid US address before the end of November immediately following the winning performance will result in forfeiture of the prize.

Open and Masters

Prize money is awarded to the first three male and first three female finishers in the full and half marathon. Open and master’s awards are based on gun time. Master’s awards are age graded.

Prize Money

Open    1st        2nd        3rd                    Masters                1st        2nd        3rd

Full      $400     $200     $100                 Full                   $100     $75       $50
Half      $200     $100     $50                  Half                   $75       $50       $25
5K        $100     $75      $50                    5K                     $75       $50       $25

Non-Binary Prize Money
The top three (3) non-binary finishers in the Prairie Fire Marathon will receive prize money made possible by a gift from Wichita’s running community. NOTE: Other than what’s outlined below, non-binary participants will not be eligible for other prize money or time incentive bonuses in 2024.

All      1st      2nd      3rd

Full    $400    $200    $100
Half  $200    $100    $50
5K    $100    $75     $50

Race Record Awards

Prize money is awarded to any runner who sets a new open record for the marathon, half marathon and 5K based on gun time. If more than one person breaks the race record, only the top time will receive the award.

Race Record

Full      $1000   (Men 2:18:08  Women 2:39:47)
Half      $750    (Men 1:03:28  Women 1:14:35)
5K        $250    (Men 14:25  Women 17:44)


Age Group Awards

Awards for each race are based on electronic time and age graded for male and female. 


9 and under/ 10-12 / 13-15 / 16-19 / 20-24 / 25-29 / 30-34 / 35-39 / 40-44 / 45-49 / 50-54 / 55-59 / 60-64 / 65-69 / 70-74 / 75+

Half Marathon

19 and under / 20-24 / 25-29 / 30-34 / 35-39 / 40-44 / 45-49  50-54 / 55-59 / 60-64 / 65-69 / 70-74 / 75+

Full Marathon

19 and under / 20-24 / 25-29 / 30-34 / 35-39 / 40-44 / 45-49 / 50-54 / 55-59 / 60-64 / 65-69 / 70-74 / 75+

Results and Awards Presentation

Awards will be presented inside the WAVE at the following times on race day:

  • 8:50 a.m.  5K Awards
  • 10:00 a.m.  Half Marathon Awards
  • 11:30 a.m.  Marathon Awards

Results will be posted on this website under the results tab once the race is over and the staging area is cleaned up.

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