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Prairie Fire Marathon Cheer Guide

You’ve made the fabulous commitment to cheer on some runners in the marathon, half marathon, and the 5K – Way to go! You’re a rockstar. You’ll have the best time if you lean into preparedness, because that still makes you a rockstar, we promise. 


Here’s what you need to bring: 

1. Other People!

There’s nothing more uplifting to runners than seeing a group of fans cheering them on. Not just standing there waiting for their runner, but lifting up everyone is a good thing for all parties. The bigger the crowd, the better.

2. Music

Get those loud bluetooth speakers and crank up the (family friendly) jams. Or if you’re musically inclined, show off your talents!

3. Signs

Make your signs big, make them bright, and make them FUNNY!  Good signs will bring smiles to weary faces and make lasting memories for runners. You’ll be the talk of the after party.

4. Noisemakers

Cowbells, vuvuzelas, whistles, pots and pans… pair it all with music. It’s so appreciated to keep those energy levels up

5. Layers and snacks & drinks (for YOU!)

The morning can be chilly and the afternoon can be warm, bring all the layers you’ll need to stay comfortable. Load up your cooler and stay refreshed because cheering is hard work!

6. Camera (yes, the one on your phone)

Take all the pictures and videos and share them with us on social media. We love getting the view of other’s vantage points. Use #RunPFM or tag @RunPFM to share with us too!


You’ve got your packing list, now you need your plan!


What to Do:

Look at the course map in advance. Make sure you have a bathroom plan. If possible, visit your cheer spot in advance. Make sure it’s pedestrian-friendly and you know the best way to get there on race day.

Brush up on your etiquette. Here’s a few of our favorite etiquette tips:

  • It’s important to keep the vibes positive. Unless you know the runner, ribbing can throw someone off their game.

Good Examples:

  • “You’re so good at running! No wonder you signed up!”
  • “Looking good…TOO good almost! What’s your secret?”
  • “Smile through the struggle! It makes it easier! Let’s see those smiles!”

Remember to remind everyone whether the lead pack or the back of pack walkers that they’re doing pretty amazing stuff!

Don’t get in the way, it takes a runner too much energy to dodge people who aren’t paying attention.



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