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September 22, 2021 –

It has been brought to our attention this morning that the company we use to send out our community notifications re-printed the one for the May race instead of one with the information for the race on October 10, 2021. A new postcard is being produced and will be mailed on 9/23/21 to those living along the course.


This is a traffic controlled course. Wichita  Police Department will be manning all major intersections, and volunteers will be in the neighborhoods. In many areas, only one side of the road will be blocked off for a running lane. Please make sure you are running on the correct side of the cones to avoid serious injury.

Although we make every attempt to stop traffic for runners, there is always the possibility that a driver will not obey the barricades. For this reason, please be alert to your surroundings at all times. We also highly recommend that you do not run with headphones as they may distract you from observing your surroundings.

If you live on Douglas, and need to leave or return to your home during the closure, please work with the volunteers in the area to make your way to the closest street for access on/off Douglas.

Saturday, October 9 – Sunday, October 10

E 2nd, from N Moore St to N St. Francis

Sunday, October 10:

N St. Francis, E Central to E Douglas Avenue;

Douglas Avenue closed to traffic, N Water on west to N/S Ridgecrest on the east;

N Water, W Douglas to W 2nd;

W 1st, N Water to N McLean;

1st/2nd Street Bridge is Closed to traffic

Northbound lanes of McLean closed to traffic, 1st/2nd Street Bridge to 13th Street;

One lane of East Bound 13th Street closed to traffic, McLean to Perry;

Perry, W 13th to W 12th;

12th, Perry to Amidon;

Amidon, W 12th to W Murdock;

W Murdock, Amidon to Woodrow;

Woodrow, Murdock to Pine

Pine, Woodrow to Stackman;

Stackman, Pine to Museum Blvd.; Closed to traffic

Museum Blvd., Stackman to Central; Closed to traffic

Central, Museum Blvd. to Veterans Pkwy; Closed to traffic

Veterans Pkwy, Central to 2nd; Closed to traffic

2nd St, Veterans Pkwy to N Moore St; Closed to traffic

Nims, W Central Pkwy to N Murdock St;  5K Route: Will open to tennis center upon completion of race.

W Stackman Drive, Nims to W Pine St  5K Route



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