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Participation in Wichita Corporate Challenge is for company employees only.

Required Identification

Participation in Wichita Corporate Challenge is for company employees only. In order to ensure fairness, Games Officials reserve the right to ask participants to produce one of the following: 

  • Company ID (security card) proving they work for the company in question.
  • Driver’s License or other photo ID

Therefore, all participants must be able to produce ID on every day of each event in which they participate. Participants who are asked and are unable to produce an ID at the games will be forfeited from the event.


Participant I.D. Numbers

Understanding and Using Your Participant ID Number

Each participant is assigned a number when participating in the Corporate Challenge. The first number denotes the company division, the second and third number represents the team, and the fourth and fifth number represents the participant.  

Participants must use their assigned numbers to compete. Number switching is forbidden. Participants who violate this rule will be disqualified from the event.

Numbers must be displayed on the front of each participant t-shirt. Team Captains are responsible for providing safety pins allowing participants to pin the number to their t-shirt. Pin the number where designated on each corner.


Stay Informed to Prepare for Your Team’s Corporate Challenge Event!

Meetings will be provided for Company Coordinators and Team Captains to ensure that everyone knows as much as possible about what to expect when they arrive on game day.  While volunteers and organizers will be available throughout the Corporate Challenge to answer questions, attending scheduled meetings will be valuable to the success of your team. If necessary, an alternate representative is welcome to attend.

In addition to the meetings being informative, those in attendance will have the opportunity to enjoy mixing and mingling with each other. Coordinators and Team Captains can chat amongst themselves about different tactics used to entice participants such as reward/recognition programs, etc. We want to provide you with as much information and detail in order to make your team’s involvement a big success.


A Corporate Challenge t-shirt will be provided for each participant and volunteer. Teams will supply their own team t-shirts and uniforms if desired. Check the “Event Rules” section for details on equipment supplied and equipment necessary for each event.

Teams may bring their own snacks, drinks, etc. to the Collegiate Campus for the event. Water coolers will be available at various locations around the campus. Food and beverages are not allowed indoors except in designated areas. Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not allowed at Wichita Collegiate School.

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