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Organizing a Team

Wichita Corporate Challenge is an amateur event. Individuals who are considered professional status by the national affiliate organization for their particular sport are not allowed to compete in that event for WCC.

Should you have a team member who could be considered a professional, based on their part-time employment or tournament status, please contact the Games Office. Professional athletes may, however, participate in events other than their own discipline.

Teams from different organizations (or combined organization teams) compete in several feature events over the course of 5 days to show off their “out of the office” skills in our health and fitness challenge.

How Our Team Divisions Work

Divisions will be split based on a company’s total number of employees. Companies joining forces to compete will be placed in the division based upon their total combined number of employees.

Building a Successful Team

Successful companies have used some of the following ideas to generate enthusiasm for participation:
  • Participation incentives (team t-shirt, time off work for team training, gift certificates, day off)
  • Senior management endorsement and participation (have the CEO send out an email/letter, have a lead-up event pep rally where the CEO/President encourages participation)
  • Hold a kick-off party explaining what the Corporate Challenge is (events, how points accumulate, etc.)
  • Encourage a “fun” vs. competitive aspect
  • Ongoing communication (emails, bulletins, or through internal website)
  • Promote health & fitness through participation
  • Get buy-in from your HR department to promote the benefits of participation
  • Allow participants to wear team t-shirts on designated casual days leading up to Corporate Challenge
  • If too many people are vying for a position in an event, hold company qualifiers, drawings, or play-off challenges. Companies can also purchase a second entry into the Wichita Corporate Challenge.
  • Volunteering is another great way to get involved!

Management Involvement

Consider the following ideas to enlist the support of your senior management team with regards to the Corporate Challenge.
  • Try to get management on the organizing committee
  • Recruit management as Team Captains
  • Recruit management for the Executive Relay and Briefcase Shuttle events
  • Communicate the benefits of the games (team building, networking, camaraderie, fun, fitness, goals)
  • Keep management informed
  • Have the WCC Games staff do a presentation to the senior management team
  • Encourage team support by attending the events

Team Captains

A Team Captain's responsibilities include:
  • Making sure team members know when and where each plays and that each member is aware of the rules for the event
  • Assembling all team members and proceed to check-in together as a group 20 minutes prior to their event. Scheduled event times may be approximate and can vary slightly due to weather and/or unanticipated delays in the event schedule. The schedule is subject to change.

Game Time is Forfeit Time
Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your first game. Teams who default (don’t show) will lose four (4) points from their overall team score.

Please be sure to read ALL team requirements before creating your team!

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