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Sponsor or Volunteer

Contributing to the Success of the Games

Volunteers are a major part of Wichita Corporate Challenge and are essential to making this event a success. In addition, volunteerism is a great way to get more non-participants in the spirit of the games!

While the goal for each company should be to focus on team building, family and friends are welcome to participate as your company’s volunteers if necessary. They must be at least 16 years of age. Any extra volunteers are always welcome and appreciated and each volunteer will receive a WCC t-shirt!

Volunteers will help out in areas that involve interaction with participants and other volunteers.  Tasks will include:

  • Checking in participants at events
  • Verifying identification at events
  • Timing & score keeping at various events
  • Maintaining water coolers, cups, and ice at various locations on campus
  • Setting up and tearing down events
  • Assisting with campus clean-up
  • Assisting with the raffle drawing

Company volunteers will not be expected to fill highly skilled or technical roles (refereeing or operating sound equipment, etc.). The maximum time commitment for each volunteer is five (5) hours.

Company volunteers will be assigned, as a group where possible, to one or more tasks. There could be minor changes in the schedule, therefore the Volunteer Coordinator will be notified of the final Volunteer Assignment Schedule (event dates, times, and roles) one week prior to the start date of the event.

Note: If one of your volunteers has a physical limitation, please let us know in advance so that they are assigned a job that will meet his/her specific needs.

Companies that do not fulfill all volunteer requirements will have ten (10) points deducted from their team total per default.

If you have any questions or want to become a volunteer contact Carson McAfee at carson@wichitasports.com.

Volunteer Coordinators

Responsibilities and Requirements

The Volunteer Coordinator (or in some cases, the Company Coordinator), is responsible for ensuring that its company meets all volunteer commitments by:

  1. Recruiting the required number of volunteers
    • Division 1 = 2 Volunteers
    • Division 2 = 3 Volunteers
    • Division 3 = 4 Volunteers
    • Division 4 = 5 Volunteers
  2. Ensuring that volunteers turn out at their assigned event

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