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Participant Roster & ID

Your company’s Participant Roster is the list of all employees from your company who are eligible to participate in the Wichita Corporate Challenge (WCC), and for whom you have submitted a waiver form to the WCC Games Office. Each company will complete all required participant information and email it back to the Games Office.

This roster should include:

  • All employees that you have entered into events
  • All employees who may substitute into events
  • All volunteers

This roster serves two purposes:

  • It tells WCC the names of those individuals that you are authorizing to represent your company in the events.
  • It tells WCC that a waiver form has been submitted for every authorized participant and volunteer for your company. We will have your company’s Participant Roster at each event.

If any participant checks in for a WCC event, and they are not on your company’s Participant Roster, they will not be allowed to participate. Be sure not to include a name on your Participant Roster if a Waiver Form for that employee has not been submitted.

Anyone on the Participation Roster may participate or substitute in any event (as long as they meet the age/gender requirements). Substitutes for age group events must be in the same age group as the original entrant. 

Participant ID 

A company ID (security card), driver’s license, or other photo ID may be required from participants to verify their identity for an event.

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