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Participant Roster & ID Numbers

Your company’s Participant Roster is the list of all employees from your company who are eligible to participate in the Wichita Corporate Challenge (WCC), and for whom you have submitted a waiver form to the WCC Games Office. Each company will complete all required participant information and email it back to the Games Office.

This roster should include:

  • All employees that you have entered into events
  • All employees who may substitute into events
  • All volunteers

This roster serves two purposes:

  • It tells WCC the names of those individuals that you are authorizing to represent your company in the events.
  • It tells WCC that a waiver form has been submitted for every authorized participant and volunteer for your company. We will have your company’s Participant Roster at each event.

If any participant checks in for a WCC event, and they are not on your company’s Participant Roster, they will not be allowed to participate. Be sure not to include a name on your Participant Roster if a Waiver Form for that employee has not been submitted.

Anyone on the Participation Roster may participate or substitute in any event (as long as they meet the age/gender requirements). Substitutes for age group events must be in the same age group as the original entrant. 

Participant ID Numbers

Each participant is assigned a number when participating in the Corporate Challenge. The first number denotes the company division, the second and third number represents the team, and the fourth and fifth number represents the participant. Participants must use their assigned numbers to compete. Number switching is forbidden. Participants who violate this rule will be disqualified from the event.

Numbers must be displayed on the front of each participant t-shirt. Team captains are responsible for providing safety pins allowing participants to pin the number to their t-shirt. Pin the number where designated on each corner.

A company ID (security card), driver’s license, or other photo ID will also be required from participants.

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